Review: The Wizard Heir

Holy crap. This book was even better than the first book in the series. Where The Warrior Heir was a little slow in the beginning, The Wizard Heir is full of action from start to finish.

This novel follows Seph McCauley who, although he knows he is a wizard, is mostly unaware of the goings on in the magical world. After a tragic accident at a late night party, Seph is sent to The Havens, a school for troubled boys that is not what it seems. Soon, Seph is fighting to survive and avoid being recruited into a war he knows nothing about. 

Although we follow a new protagonist in this book, we get to revisit most of the previous characters that we love. A new villain is introduced and I despise him with every ounce of my being. I haven’t hated a character so much since Dolores Umbridge, which says a lot about Cinda Williams Chima’s writing. The plot if this novel kept me guessing and I was genuinely surprised by all the twists. As in the first novel, the combat scenes were exceptional and I was completely engaged while reading them. Overall, this book blew me away. 5/5 stars. Would definitely recommend. 


Author: paperbackprincess14

I am the mother of a beautiful little boy and the wife of a wonderful man. I'm a proud Ravenclaw who would rather read a book than anything else. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask :)

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